Welcome to the San Francisco Bay Area Genealogy Calendar. Stephen Danko, of Steve's Genealogy Blog, started the calendar on his blog in January 2008. It was a one-man show and Steve generously kept it going for over a year. Unfortunately, his busy speaking schedule has limited his time and the May 2009 calendar was the last month he published.

It really isn't fair to ask one person to take on the task for all the genealogical societies in the Bay Area and I've been grappling with a solution for months. Today I had a potentially brilliant idea: why not create a team blog and let each society add their own events?

So, I'm putting the question out there in the blogosphere and addressing it to Bay Area genealogical societies. Do you have a member who is willing to learn to do a little team blogging in order to create a Bay Area Genealogy Calendar?

If so, leave a comment!

I'd love to put a team together by January 1, 2010.